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Splintered Bats, Assumption of risk, and You

June 11, 2015

Within the past week at least three incidents of broken baseball bats flying into the stands during Major League Baseball games have occurred. In the most serious incident a woman sitting between home plate and third base in the second row of stands was struck by the barrel of a Read more »

Why Dueling With Clients is a Bad Idea

June 5, 2015

Attorney client relations can at times be delicate matters. In the high intensity environment of litigation, facilitating good communication is key. Even when disputes arise, it is important to remember that at the end of the day we’re all on the same side. This is why challenging your client to Read more »

Proposition 46: How to improve the world of medical malpractice . . . slightly

November 4, 2014

Though I generally stay out of politics on the internet, I feel compelled to post at least briefly regarding Prop. 46 Decades ago, the legislature passed a law called MICRA. Among other things, MICRA limited the money a jury could award for pain and suffering in a medical malpractice case Read more »

How to avoid losing the value of your personal injury claim

March 18, 2014

“What is my claim worth?” must be the most common question asked by prospective clients. And wouldn’t it all be easier if there really were some magical formula: this much for a broken leg, that much for a torn shoulder, another amount for a wrongful death . . . . Read more »

Relatively Low Impact Auto Accidents Shown to Cause Cervical Facet Joint Injuries

March 5, 2014

So, here is a classic argument with an insurance adjuster: Lawyer: Plaintiff has had constant neck pain for over a year since the accident. They had no problems prior. Nothing seems to help them. Adjuster: The pictures of the vehicles show minimal property damage. Your client couldn’t have suffered more Read more »

Need some new legislation for injury victims

December 13, 2013

Two car accident injury cases. Both heartbreaking. In one, a family vehicle is broadsided and driven off the road. The occupants suffer sprains, strains, broken bones, PTSD and many more minor injuries. The cause, a blown out tire on another car.. The recovery? None. Why? It wasn’t the other driver’s Read more »

The Dangers of the Uninsured Motorists in San Jose

December 13, 2013

Information & Commentary Regarding Accidents With Uninsured Motorists – The Dangers of the Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists Uninsured motorists in San Jose and throughout California are a common hazard. When a motorist is uninsured it can be for a number of reasons; the costs are too high, the motorist Read more »

Open letter to Senator Beall regarding personal injury insurance reform

September 20, 2013

Dear Senator Beall, I have recently become aware of a significant gap in our laws regarding auto insurance and personal injury matters. I handled two cases with the same unfortunate result because of this gap. In the first, a family of four was injured in an auto accident caused by Read more »

Helpful Guide if You Have Suffered a Serious Joint Injury

August 7, 2013

Commentary About Joint Injuries The human body is a miraculous thing. A fetus has over 300 bones in its skeletal system, and yet by the time a human being is an adult, bones meld together and we end up with 206 bones. I know you’re as glad as I am Read more »

Helpful Tips To Help Prevent Burn Injury Accidents

July 13, 2013

Don’t Get Burned by Avoidable Burn Accidents Many accidents that happen to us can be avoidable to some extent. When these things happen, it’s usually due to our being inattentive or circumstances that are beyond our control and due to someone else’s mistakes. One type of accident that can not Read more »


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